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M11-E Series

ESP32-WROOM32 Based

Programmable IoT Node

NORVI SSN range is made for standalone installations in industrial environments, focused on monitoring sensor values or parameters from external devices. The wall mount and pole mount accessories,  makes the implementations easy. 


  • ESP32-WROOM32 SoC inside
  • GSM/LTE , NB-IoT , LoRa Expansions supported
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (9 – 36V DC)
  • Flexible I/O Combinations
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure

I/O Configurations

  • 1 x Digital Input
  • 2 x Analog inputs (0 – 10V DC)
  • 1 x RS-485 Communication
  • 2 x Digital Input
  • 1 x RS-485 Communication
  • 1 x LoadCell input
  • 1 x Thermocouple input
  • 1 x I2C Communication
  • 1 x 3.3V / 5V DC output

Connections & Schematics

Mounting Options

Pole Mount Configuration
Wall mount screws



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