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HMI Solution for IoT Projects

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) play a vital role in connecting humans with machines, spanning a wide range of applications such as industrial process control, energy management, transportation, healthcare, consumer devices, smart homes, retail, defense, education, telecommunications, research, and public infrastructure management. These interfaces continually evolve to enhance user experiences and control across various sectors and technologies.

The NORVI HMI is an ESP32-based HMI featuring a 5-inch display with resistive touch capabilities, integrated digital inputs, and transistor outputs. The NORVI HMI distinguishes itself with its 5-inch LVGL 8 display, ESP32 S3 integration, built-in buzzer, and a diverse array of I/O options.
In this article, we will delve into the standout features of the NORVI HMI and compare it to the alternative display solutions on the market.

Serial driven displays, popular among HMIs, are well-regarded for their user-friendly interface creation and compatibility with microcontrollers like the ESP32. They communicate with microcontrollers through serial communication .

The key differentiation between these two HMI solutions lies in their microcontroller and processing methods. While the Serial HMI display relies on external microcontrollers with communication through serial channels, the ESP32-based NORVI HMI has an integrated ESP32 module, serving both UI functions and communication purposes. This integrated approach lends the NORVI HMI a cost-effective and higher performance edge compared to the Serial HMI display.

The NORVI HMI is based on the ESP32-S3 microcontroller, which has 45 physical GPIO pins. It utilizes 20 GPIO pins for the display and the majority of the remaining pins for various functions, including digital inputs, transistor outputs and communication.

NORVI HMI Pin Configuration

Features of NORVI HMI

  • 5-inch LCD Display with Resistive Touch: NORVI HMI offers a crystal-clear 5-inch LCD display with resistive touch technology, ensuring a user-friendly and interactive experience.
  • ESP32 S3 Integration: At its core, NORVI HMI harnesses the power of the ESP32 S3 module. This integration provides seamless communication capabilities and robust performance, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
  • Built-in Buzzer: NORVI HMI includes a built-in buzzer, allowing for auditory alerts, notifications, and user feedback, enhancing the user experience.
  • Ethernet (Optional) / Hardware: NORVI HMI gives you the option of Ethernet connectivity, making it possible to connect to networks and control devices remotely. The built-in hardware support ensures flexibility in connectivity.
  • I/O Options: NORVI HMI boasts a range of I/O options, including:
  • RS-485 Full Duplex
  • Digital Inputs x 4
  • Analog Inputs x 4
  • Transistor Outputs x 4

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